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"The Ria makes its way throughout the city, creating a unique entwining image between the aquatic and urban environment. The boats bestow an explosion of colour and animation to the city. This touching symbiosis is ever so present in the riverine quarters.
Small white-washed or tile-coated houses are mirrored onto the water. Narrow streets, filled with welcoming people, lead to enchantingly modest chapels, traces of long-held religious traditions. 
A lingering gaze is lost embracingly in the endless mountain.  Held in the mystery of early dawn, the sun carries mysticism to the landscape. In the growing afternoon dimness, there is a poetic romance of tones flowing in the air...  either purplish-blue or orange when the sunset scatters throughout the channels, casting a thoughtful gaze towards the sea." (in Rota da Luz)


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